Nokia 6111 - Pink

    Earlier this week I saw the Nokia 6111 in pink advertised at 99p month on orange, now I can't find it anywhere! Anyone find me the best deal on this? Thanks.


    What sort of talk/text mix are you looking for?

    How long a contract (i.e. 12/18 month)?

    Original Poster

    12 months please

    That offer has now ended!

    You have two options.

    1) Wait and see if it comes cheap again (which is likely)
    2) Get the next cheapest which ain't that cheap!!

    Orange 1000 off-peak same net mins per month is £114
    o2 100 x-net mins and 100 texts is £115

    If you do want those links than just let me know, otherwise you'll have to play the waiting game I'm afraid (don't worry though - I'll keep an eye out for you!).

    Original Poster

    Thanks duckmagicuk2, think I will wait. Not in any desperate need of one just my husband has a Samsung E720 and hates it, so thought I could get a new one and give him my old one. Do you know if there have been problems with the E720, just he says the sound is useless? thanks!
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