NOKIA 6220

    for all you people on a 3 contract i have just renewed my contract today, i was on 18 month 500mins/£15 per month deal. i had to hold out and hand in my 30 days notice and wait for retensions to ring (rang me 3 times in all) but it was worth it, i now getting as from monday next week new nokia 6220 phone which sells on fleabay for about £120 - £150 plus 750mins, 150 texts, £5 of downloads (whatever they are) and 50 video mins on 12 month contract and of course the best bit are you ready for this £10/month yes £10 so if i sold phone on fleabay id be in profit and have free 12 month contract, if any body is in same position instead of getting crap phone ask for this as it is free this weekend on all tariffs (you have to point this out to them)

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    Just make sure you get the paperwork through to confirm the tariff before you use/sell the phone.
    I am not alone in being told a pack of lies on the phone and then having to make numerous calls and send numerous letters before getting it sorted out.
    I used to think 3 were a great network in terms of value for money, now I wouldn't take a million minutes for £5 a month. They will never get another penny from me.

    Having said that I hope it all works out well for you:thumbsup:
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