NOKIA 6220 AND 500 MINS £15/MONTH on 3

    HI ready to cancel contract with 3 been holding out on previous offers but they got back to me today with this offer is it any good, i wanted mix and match but they werent having any, should i wait till retensions ring me or just carry on with cancellation, i have given them 30 days notice as from today


    Depends on the minimum contract length doesn't it?

    If it's a 6 month contract then well worth it I say, 12 or 18 month then maybe not.

    I have the 6120 phone which is the next model down from this but very similar - biggest let down of that phone is the poor battery life in use. On standby excellent battery life - but start using it for SatNav or online and the battery quickly depletes

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    thanks will wait and see what they offer me next

    did exactly the same thing today ; she would not budge from £15 for 300 mins or texts with a new handset(which i had explained that I did not want).
    Seems as though they are not as desperate to keep customers as they used to be- I had heard that they were letting people have 500 mins for £5pm in order to keep them.
    Havn't quite cancelled yet but have started to think about asking for my PAC code in which case you do not have to give 30 day notice apparently.

    Does any one think its worth ringing them again.

    Is it 500 mins mix and match? On a 12m or 18m contract? Have a look at the price of the handset if you were to sell it. I have a 6220 and think it is a good phone, would have prefered the n95 8gb but it is still too expensive.

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    just 500 mins offered, other week it was 500 mix and match with a 6500 and 2000 3 to 3 and 4000 skype, now offering better phone but no extras and i presume its on a 18 month as that was what i am now finsihes 6th october
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