Nokia 6230i reset password

Found 12th Nov 2007
Hi, can anyone assist in helping with resetting a phone when the I do not know what the pass key is on the phone. The phone keeps coming back with error when I try codes 0000 1234?
Shot in the dark BUT hopefully someone may help?

Many thanks
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000000 might work if 12345 doesn't - they're the default ones - or at least they were when I worked with mobiles.
Yeah the security codes are 5 digit codes, if not contact you network provider
00000 has never been a Nokia security code (if my memory serves me right and definitely not for the past 4 years for sure!)
It's only courteous to let us know if 12345 does work.

If it doesn't I'll find you a way 2 reset it.
Many Thanks for your help 12345 doesn't seem to do it either so code must have changed
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