Nokia 6233

    Hi is this phone any gud? lookin on ebay at the moment for buying one but i can only c deals for Voda on a search in here but need orange......
    U never know there might be one out there....:pirate:


    whats the price at ebay chuf?

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    its upto £72 with 1hour 30 mins to go (:

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    went for £110 in the end +p+P

    Anyone know where i can get this on Pay au Go orange for about the £100 mark.............

    £110 is a good price. Cant find any for that price off ebay !

    This is £180 from expansys

    edi is right £110 is good price if you can find it.

    I imagine £120-£140 would be ebay BNIB price for this or thereabouts.

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    thanks for the advice if anyone knows u lot know (:
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