nokia 6280

    Hi, im looking for Nokia 6280 on the flext20 or flext25 plan(T-Mobile). If not, are there any cheap contract deals out there?


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    MobileRainbow has Nokia 6280 on 10 months Free line rental deal (18 months contract)


    You also get a massive 400 x-network mins and 250 texts every month. Going through quidco will give another £30 cashback. So effectively, the whole contract will be £13.80/month

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    hey, thnx for that....good enough price....probably go for it. Thnx


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    Its on the 3 network. I saw someone mention that the network isnt that right? Never used 3 before so do not know.

    the reception is not always good compared to voda and 02.but everything seems to b ok with the network. keep in kind if u do go for 3 some of the fones cannot be unlocked yet

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    hmmm.....there is another offer too....with t-mobile. Its on the flext25 plan.....£18.75/month? Never used t-mobile either though.
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