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    I want to use my NOKIA 6280 while I am in Hong Kong does anyone know the code I need for this and I will probably need the instructions as well, please. OAP's first posting, please be gentle.


    do you mean the dialing code, or the code to allow the phone to make calls abroad? If it is the latter, then I think it depends on your network provider.

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    Thank you MCH1 for responding so quickly. Well I'm using my old Nokia just now and the network comes up as ESL . At home I only use 02 and both are PAYG (if that makes any difference).

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    At home I only use PAYG 02 on both phones and as Im using my old Nokia just now ESL comes up as the provider. I hope this makes sense I think the code I need is to unlock it ? (so I'm told)

    I take it you are abroad just now then if the network is not o2. If you are just wondering why the network is not o2 then it is becasue you are abroad and it will automatically connect you to the best network. You can't actually recieve the o2 network abroad. Your phone will work but just on a different network.

    Not overly sure what you are asking. Does your phone work abroad at the moment? (Can you make / recieve calls?)…973)

    There are 8 pages of abroad help here, just go through the pages for the different topics.…[email protected]


    You cant unlock these phones using any free unlock codes...

    You have to either pay for the code from O2 or have it unlocked at a phone shop any decent shop should be able to unlock it for you. At the moment you are on Roaming thats why its displaying another network on your phone, when you take your phone abroad the network normally has a deal with the local networks over there and your phone locks onto one of their networks, obviously this is usually quite expensive to make and sometimes receive calls too...


    Forgot to mention a new system has come out recently for these BB5 handsets, previously these were quite difficult to unlock as you needed specialist equipment and to unlock the phone had to be taken apart and needles connected on certain parts of the handset

    E.g this is the testpoint for the 6280…jpg

    as you can see this is quite awkward on a chip and you have to use a microscope to connect to the correct legs on the chip... However now the equipment can unlock these phones without testpoint so its much faster and simpler so, the prices at most places will have gone down, try a local phone shop in Hong Kong and you should be able to get it done...

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    I'd like to say thank you to MCH1 and MobilPhonez for explaining and aiding my understanding of modern technology, isn't it fantastic .:thumbsup:
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