nokia 6300 from e2save

    hi has anyone bought the nokia 6300 on the 02 pricematch with 12 months free ??

    please let me know soi can decide whether or not i shul buy


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    someone must have bought one??

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    No One Bought This???

    Why don't you wait until people come home from work. This is a forum and not 'live' chat as such.

    I recently bought the 6300 on a 'free' 12 mth deal from onestopphoneshop, which, like e2save is part of carphone *****house. Phone is great, looks good, nice and slim, good features. Downside is camera only average and battery life seems poor. But I would still buy another.
    I can't yet comment on service from onestopphoneshop except that phone arrived after 4 days (not 'next day' as stated on website) and customer service by email is vague, they try to get you to phone their 0870 number (10p/min). I have heard mixed reports about them and was advised to only deal via email therefore you have a record of what they say.

    that's great, I used the cheeky word that sounds like 'ware' and means a loose woman, and it gets censored! b*
    llocks to that!

    I've got a contract with e2save, got my first check back yesterday with no hassell...don't have that phone though
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