Nokia 6300 HELP

    Hi, basically my Nokia 6300 has stopped charging and I have noticed that whenver I put the charger in it just slips out so that must mean that the hole where the charger goes must have expanded some how. Can someone please help.


    Nokia 6300's have 2 holes

    you sure ur putting it in the rite HOLE?????

    Otherwise yes it probably has...but your phone should have died by now as the battery pins would have by now expanded the battery and killed that aswell.

    Or it simply could just be your charger....try charging via the usb port with PC/Laptop??? you may get ur answer

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    yes i am putting it in the right hole, otherwise i wud b using my charger as headphones lol, atm i am giving my battery to my sister cuz she has got the same phone and she can charge it for me. I have also tried three seperate 6300 chargers and non of them work

    Charging port has gone for defo

    ports cost £5 and £8-10 for fixing

    You could buy a charger try from eBay, but it will mean that you'll have to remove the battery each time you charge it. I'd buy a second battery so you always have one on the go.

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    thanks guys

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