Nokia 6300 on orange

    I want to buy a nokia 6300 on orange 12 month contract.

    The best deal on this phone was on…300 this link but has expired now. Is there anyway of getting a similar or even a better deal?……300

    Thanks everyone for your help.



    Nokia 6300
    12 months contract, 11 months free line rental
    £35 per month, 300 minutes 400 text…472

    Anyone deal with them before?

    Original Poster

    I personally wouldn't buy any phones from this orangemobileshop. They have a very unfriendly cashback policy. You have 15 days to claim, bills must be original, you can't change address and they have the right to change the cashback scheme if the comission they receive from the network is changed (before connection).

    The best deals are where the allowance period is 14days or so.
    CPW/OSPS/Phonespot/e2save etc all offer 30days, so if you cannot force yourself to make claims within 14days of the dates you plan out then go for those, but the deals will not be as good.

    These people have strict rules but have what you want:…d=1
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