Nokia 6303

    Guys im looking for a Nokia 6303 as a xmas present and wondered if anyone knows of any price better than around £90? Not bothered about colour

    Not sure of the network the person is on so need it to be sim free or easy to unlock, best I can find so far is the around £90 at Nokia's own website using a code from here and quidco.

    I can see it cheaper at some others but will be locked to networks i suppose so if anyone knows how easy to unlock or a cheaper sim free price the info would be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance


    time4usall;7046909£84.99 buddy

    That's on Voda' ot T Mobile. - £112.04 sim free.


    That's on Voda' ot T Mobile. - £112.04 sim free.

    This then:whistling:…303


    This … This then:whistling:

    Op has got it at around £90 already.

    Not sure how easy it is to unlock from Tesco Mobile, but I bought this phone a week ago from them for £64.97. Fab phone on pay as you go with them. Can anyone help with unlocking?

    Sorry, forgot link…spx

    it is only £64.97 on tesco mobile from tesco direct in silver…up:

    Sorry out of stock. could be back in stock looks as if it is a big offer

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the help guys, the Tesco deal is a great one but just a shame Tesco lock their phones to their own network, they told me instore today you cant even use them on o2.........

    Looks like its the Nokia shop deal
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