NOKIA 6500 SLIDE

    Im lookig for a nokia 6500 slide peferebly on orange as i`d like to download games etc anyhelp much appreciated cheers!!!


    I am sending one back today, nokia are exchanging it for a n93. Ive had it since feb and its been in for repair twice. It loses the settings and keeps going back to default settings. The ringtone goes back to the "nokia tune" and the wallpaper and screen savers go back to default. Its a nightmare.I know of 2 other people having the same problem. Nice looking phone but not that reliable. Just a bit of advice before you commit to buying.

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    many thanks friend will no longer be looking for one thanx again :thumbsup:

    I have the Nokia 6500 Slide on Orange. Brilliant phone. No problems and I have also have one with O2!. Alfie73, Nokia will replace it for a refurbished phone won't they ? Say you dont like the Nokia N93 ?


    My wife has a 6500 slide on three and cant stop raving about it, I also have a friend that got one for her partner and has had no problems with it. I was even considering changing my contract for one and I have an N95.

    However here's a deal for you £30 per month on a 18 month contract. 500 mins, 400 Texts and a free sat nav…tml

    ^^ that's expensive!!

    Orange Dolphin 35 or Canary 35 order online you can get it for £30 instead of £35 like in store

    You get the furlong:

    Dolphin 35:
    600 Mins
    Unlimited Texts

    Or Canary 35
    700 Mins
    100 texts

    free Nokia 6500 Slide
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