Found 23rd Mar 2006
hi guys, i have just got two nokia 6630's and there both locked to 3!!!
it really is a pain,iwould really appreciate any help in unlocking these , even if only to o2!!!

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I don't think you can unlock these yet... are they on contract or PAY-G??

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Wont 3 just unlock them if you pay them?

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no, i have asked and they basically said, dont be so stupid if we want your custom y would we let you go!

Usually 3 let you unlock after the contract. Try a few times. You might eventually speak to somebody who feels sorry for you.

Or you could just say that you are going abroad and need it unlocked so you can use a foreign SIM for a week. Just make sure you say you’re going to a country they won’t have heard of.

lol - did you just happen to know that or did you specially look it up

hi gary_rip,

i have just managed to unlock my 6630 from 3. they charged me £15.

i have a very similar situation to yours. i bought a 6630 on 3, obviously is locked. but i didn't know it is impossible to unlock until i got the handset and did a search then. soon i realised the only people who can unlock it is 3.

after a few phone calls to their customer service i was advised i could request the unlock code for £15-20 when i am 11mth into the contract. so i did just now, so phoned 3 to ask good luck.
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