Nokia 6680 on 3


    I'm looking to change to 3, and I'm going to go with Talk and Text 600 on a 12 month contract.

    The best deal I've been able to find is with with a term cost of £180 -…es=

    Can anyone manage any better? My girlfriend will be getting a phone at the same time as me. Do you think we could push for a slightly better deal as a pair?

    Many thanks!


    I'll check it out. I doubt that you'll be able to get a better offer as a pair though. I've only ever seen two offers like that.

    I looked at the 6680 recently, but I can't remember what sort of prices they were. If I keep forgetting to get it done though then you have permission to pester me for the next few days.

    Whatever you do - DON'T BUY A 3 PHONE !!!!

    I know countles amounts of ppl who have regretted joining 3, there coverage is poor and around 70% of the calls are dropped (i.e. cut off mid call).

    Have a look aroud the web - O2 are doing some good deals at the min

    I'm having no trouble with three, and I don't live in a city or anywhere where good reception is certain. What I CAN say about 3 is that the contracts are great, with lots of minutes and texts.

    The "Watchdog" complaints were NOT the fault of three, they were the fault of faulty firmware on the LG phones. I don't think that Watchdog did enough to point out that it wasn't really three's fault. The only problem I've ever had is that some of the people in the call centres are hard to understand. It's like this with every company now though.

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    I'm in the Army, and it seems to me that 3 has the best coverage - when we're on exercise, the guys with 3 phones seem to have some reception. My orange phone is pretty useless. To be honest, it's the price that attracts me, as my mobile bills are getting extortionate!


    Yeah, no matter how many people complain about three, I must agree with you. three has wonderful reception, but it's got a bad name because of word of mouth.

    They offer the best numbers of minutes and texts on their contracts than any other company as well.…481

    This is probably the best offer.…ree

    £12 PLUS QuidCo cashback. There aren't any real bargains I don't think, so if you look elsewhere you'll probably get a NEW one for only a little more. There aren't many price differences for this.
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