Nokia 8800 Black didnt last long?


    I went into the link yesterday and they told me that this nokia 8800 has been discontinued, and that they stopped making it so therefore it would be hard to get hold of anywhere so therefore they stopped selling it.

    Is it true???

    I am interested in the black edition of this phone, and if anyone has found any good offers - could you please please let me know...

    PS. Keep up the good work guys!!!


    Hi there, have had a good look around for the black 8800 and the only place that seems to have it in stock is [url][/url], but it's VERY expensive! The phone was made as an exclusive handset, hence many were not manufactured. Maybe try eBay?

    J could buy it SIM Free from Nokia for £699!!!

    Ouch! I felt that cyber slap from here!
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