Nokia 8800 Scirocco

    Does anyone know what the best deal on the Nokia 8800 Scirocco is?

    I'm looking at 12 month contract. Definately no 18month deals.
    I've looked at e2save/Onestopphoneshop/ good deals.

    Thanks all.

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    You're going to pay over the odds for the handset with a 12 month contract. Most 18 month contracts let you change the tariff after 6 months anyway, and qualify for a handset upgrade after 12.

    Do you already have a contract? If so, complain about the fact that new customers get offered better deals on handsets, and threaten to take your business elsewhere. I got the 8800 Scirocco down to £240 with Carphone Warehouse using this approach when previously it was going to cost about £330.

    If you don't have a contract already, then you're looking at £300+ on fleabay for this model. Alternatively, if you take out one of the expensive 18 month contracts with most of the mobile companies, you can get this handset 'free', e.g.:…980

    This handset costs the mobile phone companies in the region of £500-£700 I'm led to believe (I'd probably take this with a large pinch of salt).
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