nokia 8800 sirocco or 8600 help pls

    hi im going to buy either one of these i could buy a n95 as there in the same range but prefer a stylish phone can someone tell me how the 8600 is to the sirocco.


    They are both more or less the same! Same size (I think) both open similarly, (the top half of the phone slides up - usually its the bottom slider, which slides down)

    Luna has a smoked glass cover which looks pretty smart. When you close, the keypad light shows through the cover for a sec. See if you can find someone with one though to have a hold with, as they are both much heavier than most phones - so may not be for you depending on your taste.

    Function wise, they are both similar.

    Only difference is the look, in which I prefer, the luna, but both feel classy.

    iv had both 8600 better features and a much bigger screen but i preffered the look of the 8800

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    ive had the 8800 before and sirocco for only a little while loved it but needed the money so wanted to know how luna was and ive chosen the luna.
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