Nokia August 30th annoucement - new phones


    I like! But I bet they will be hugeeee though

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    N95 8GB (99 x 53 x 21 mm, 96 cc):…php

    N81 8GB (102 x 50 x 17.9 mm, 86 cc):…php

    96 and 86cc isn't bad at all for their spec really...
    I suppose not having GPS is what helps shrink the N81 vs. N95

    Im assuming its N95 size or similar! IMO thats too big for me! Im quite the fan for small phones

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    Although I had a 8210 for a small while, yet to find anything as small as that size wise, not cc.

    That 6500 looks a bit lengthy?

    I have small hands, and tend to like smaller phones but its hard to ask in this day and phones are packed with every function under the sun, which I do love!

    I like 8310 size phones, Samsung E700/D600 size

    So these new phones, to me are huge

    I had the SEK800 not long ago and I thought that%2
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