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    Just purchased a Nokia c3 a few days ago and need some help. Phone was unlocked and currently have an o2 sim card in the phone.I am trying to use the phone for internet access via wi-fi only using my home broadband connection, i have wi-fi enabled but every time i connect using browser it connects me via o2 mobile web and even after a minute or 2 seems to be costing me £1 a day for access,i have tried deleting some settings but it keeps connecting via o2 and not my home network,any help appreciated, i thought there would be a setting to block data access on the phone but i guess that would have been too easy


    My daughter has this problem to! It always connects to 3G and not wireless , took back to shop who have changed settings and it still does the same! £65.00 internet bill over past few months! We r gonna add £ 5.00 month Internet pack on, as we can't find a way around this.

    Switch your settings to wifi preferred or only wifi as Internet will usually just connect to your aim first then any available networks

    My wife had similar issues, You could try and update the firmware via Nokia Here

    Theirs some solutions on this forum that may help Here
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    Thanks but decided to send it back as it seems to be missing some settings to control data, shame as i liked the handset.
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