Nokia Camera phone

    Looking for a Nokia camera phone needs around £50

    Any links?


    Pay-G or contract? You can get contract phones which work out totally free if you know what you're after.

    If you are after PAY-G, then presumably you're after a Nokia because it can be unlocked?

    The Link have a good offer.

    >>CLICK HERE<<

    It's the Nokia 3220. It's £59.99 and it's a cameraphone.

    If you have an old phone (it doesn't matter what it is so I sugest a really old one, or see if your friend has one - as long as it WORKS) you can get a £10 trade-in. You don't need to send anything else; just the handset in a pre-paid envelope.

    If you use [url][/url] to purchase the phone then you'll make another 5% cashback, that's about £3 in cashback.

    Good luck, if you need any more help then feel free to get in touch.

    Ducky, MobileHunter

    Or go through QuidCo for £5 cashback and makes it £39.99p effectively from

    Nokia 3220 at Orange.Co.UK

    Oh yes, it's at least £5 cheaper anyway. :pirate:


    Nokia 5140i. It's apparently refurbished but they generally come as brand new items.

    Good value at under £40
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