Nokia Charger Needed...

    My Nokia charger has stopped working, does anyone know where i can get a cheap replacement either original or a compatible version. It is the newer style charger (the one that fits the e65, n95, 6300 etc)

    thanks in advance.


    Is it a really tiny tip on the end?
    If so i bought one in error a couple of weeks ago.


    Got an incar charger that fits 6 or so different phones including my Nokia 6300 for
    99p in Home Bargains.:-D

    i usually use ebay to pick up chargers etc.

    I've got LOADS of chargers if your still after one???

    try your local freecycle group.


    I have 3 or 4 of the new type chargers and only use two of them.

    Try Tescos
    I picked up a spare one for the office and a in car one for 2.99 each

    Last time mine stopped working, I went into the Orange shop and they gave me a new one for free!
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