Nokia e65 best price? and feature questions

Found 24th May 2007
I'm looking for a wifi handset and the best one I can see is the Nokia e65. I looked at the n95 but it seems too big and I don't need things like GPS. I'm looking for a 12 month contract, no cashback submissions is preferable but depends on the price difference.

So far I have found a 12 month free phone £35/month with Vodafone 500/250 (£82 quidco if going through Vodafone but BMP for example has £35 cashback, £30 Quidco and free sd card).

The other alternative with sending cashback payments is Mobile Rainbow which works out to only £210 term cost but they have a bad reputation for cashback so I think I'll avoid.

I'd also probably use quite a bit of data on the 3g connection so the kind of data packages available would be important too. I think 3 have a £5/month x-series with unlimited data/skype but their contracts are pricier for this.

Are there any better offers out there?

My other questions are concerning teh wifi implementation. I've heard problems about firmware on the n95 and using VOIP - is this the same on e65 or is it open to use VOIP without any problems? What about for internet access? Is it completely open for using wifi to access internet through any browser app?

If someone has a better recommendation for a wifi handset (not pda style) I'd love to hear it too but it seems they are slim on the ground right now.

Thanks for any help!


hi, don't know if this is of any use but my 3 contract ends soon and they have offered a new 12 month contract at £15/ month with a new e65, can't recall the mins/txts but think 500/100. i'm considering it but thought i might hang off to see what else they offer. sorry if this is no use.

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That is a very good deal drzoidberg! Wish I could get that

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Any other ideas? Or is that it:)
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