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Found 9th Nov 2008
I need a new phone for personal emails but also work emails. My work colleagues have blackberrys. I'm new to all this so excuse the stupid questions.

*Would our compnay need special softaware at work to put the work emails to the Blackberry's?

*If they do how would i get work emails to a Nokia E71?

* Am i right you can choose for the emails to be downloaded all the time or at certain times. If it's all the time how does that and daily internet charge effect free useage of say 1gb (T-Mobile)?

*How does the Nokia and Blackberry compare?

Many thanks.


I wrote up a guide for Blackberries for those completely unfamiliar with the devices which may be of interest to get you started:…547

The main question is what type of e-mail server do you use at work? This may well force you to one device or another so it's important to know what setup you have.

To give you an example the company I work for is extremely large, the only external mail you can get on phones is through a Blackberry as they run a Blackberry Enterprise Server connected to the Exchange server. There is no POP, IMAP or webmail access to the system which means you're limited to Blackberries only. Personal Blackberries are usually not allowed on the system and also as this is a BES system the server has complete control over the Blackberry as this is to allow all work Blackberries to centrally managed but also makes it unsuitable for personal Blackberries plus it costs money for each mailbox on the BES. In this setup the E71 cannot access mail through its own mail client and while it does technically support BES through a program called bbconnect, I'm not familiar with it and think it's better sticking with a Blackberry for this use.

My previous company was much smaller, just a few offices across the UK - again there was a BES but due to the cost of the licenses only the top management had Blackberries. However there was pop access to the server which meant handheld devices like the E71 could connect.

You've mentioned your work colleagues have Blackberry's, are these personal ones or supplied by the company? It is possible they are not using BES to get the mail as Blackberries can also get mail from POP systems.

I can't remember the exact options for scheduling mail on the Nokia as I just leave it downloading all the time, data usage is very low and I have a silent alert for them. I only have 500MB on Vodafone for the unlimited tariff but even across the whole month the e-mails barely use any data at all.

With regards to the two devices, I'm not a fan of Blackberries and I like Series60 - I think the E71 is a superb little device packed with just about every feature going and decent hardware to boot including a surprisingly high capacity battery. The operating system is pretty mature these days and there's a good selection of software out there. With the Blackberry you have to pay extra for the data services which I prefer not to as I have my E90 set up with push mail without having to pay any extra for it.


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Thnaks for your great reply.

I have access to my emails vi remote desktop apart from that i don't know. The othe rguys in the officve have work emails and I belive access it through Blackberry server. OB if i got a Blackberry I would have to ask for it to be on the blackberry server. If it's the Nokia howwould I get it from server?

If it is a Blackberry Enterprise Server they have then yes, have a word with your IT guys and see what they say. Even if they're ok to have it put on the system just bear in mind they have control over the BB and may set reasonably standard policies such as locking the screen and forcing a password.

With regards to the Nokia you need to find out again from your IT guys what external access they offer to the mail system - for the Nokia to work it really needs to be pop or imap access. Many companies don't allow these as it's much more secure to only offer access through BES. While the Nokia can technically pretend to be a Blackberry to connect to BES it's not something I've used nor heard much about it so I can't recommend it.

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