Nokia E90

I want one of these, but T-Mobile aren't carrying them so I can not upgrade!

Does anyone have a cheap outright link to one of these?



PAYG or contract ?

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I can't imagine anyone is offering this phone as payg? And contracts, well it seems only O2 and Voda, and I plan on staying with T.

I'm expecting one tomorrow on 02 that's going to go on ebay. These can be unlocked...

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True. There is quite alot of them on eBay ranging from 500-650, I just can't stomach paying that kind of loot for a phone! I guess I'll have to wait a while.

I've had anough of my Vario 2 / TyTn. So sluggish and unreliable!

There were some last night going for £800+. Always makes me suspicious!!

If you were thinking near the £500 let me know, you may save us both a hassle!

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Ah you might as well go to ebay, I can't justify laying out £500 right now!

I think I'd need to sell my Vario 2 first too!
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