nokia lumia 8.1 windows

    i know microsoft are fond of changing stuff around as tesco are...but seriously how do you set the correct time on these stupid windows phones?


    Have you tried Google? Its a hell of a thing.

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    did you think i came over on the banana boat,this stupid nokia 630(which i had to purchase after a break in) moves it's apps to different places.did you possily think i joined 3 seconds ago to ask this,trust me there is nothing whatsoever lapebelled date or time in apps or me i've looked 50 times.

    or on google.

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    never mind i did find it,it was like looking for power down on windows ,its at the bottom of a long scroll(not next to bluetooth,display,wifi or all those usual settings)but way way past vpn,tethering and birthday reminders.i hate you microsoft.

    but what really made me miss it is there is no capital on the d of date(the only setting that dosen't) so anyone scrolling would bypass it as a subcontext.grrrrr

    Strangely my whole family have nokias and even my 13yr old daughter who got a 630 for her birthday found it straight away.
    Maybe the problem isn't windows 8.1.
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