Nokia, meet Nokir

    This looks good


    Fancy a spanking new slick Nokia cell, but can’t face waving goodbye to the last of this month’s salary? Never fear help is at hand. The cheekily monikered Nokir E828G is rammed with more features than you can shake a real life branded blower at, but clocks in at a measly £100.

    Stuffed with an MP3 player, full screen MP4 playback and a regular as you like 2 MP camera, this lovingly aped mobile is also home to a 2.6-inch high-res screen that’ll make checking out video a doddle.

    Its real killer feature though is the touch screen, knocking the mainstream competition squarely into touch. Its interface is a walk in the park too, so you’ll have no trouble sniffing out buried contacts or throwing on some motivational power ballads to pep you up of a morning.

    It comes in at a paltry 14mm thin, which considering what’s stuffed under the bonnet is no mean feat.

    As well as a whole lotta phone, your ton will also snaffle you an extra battery, a stylus pen so you can fane importance and 128MB flash memory card to boot. It may have not have the right name, but, frankly, who's looking?…jpg


    I'm wondering when I can get my hands on it and how much it'll be...

    Fixed the link.

    Very interesting, I'll keep my eye out for this :-)

    Original Poster

    Do you think I should replace my k750i with this?

    When it comes out... yeah, why not? Always good to have a change and with a touch screen it sounds like fun.

    funs not always good ;-)

    it looks like a n73 rebadged

    I used to use a touch screen phone, very fun. Writing texts was cool also

    That's a good point. The gimmick of calling it the Nokir is what got my attention really.

    But I do think this is going to be another in the "Emblaze" category. Good specs for the price. It all depends on how well they all come together...

    this has got to be a complete joke, no way would they be allowed to patent this 'Nokir' :giggle: Also they would face a severe law suit as this is nothing but a photoshopped N73. Ive seen similar Sony Ericsson phones on ebay before in the past, that are for instance a W800 but with a touchscreen. Cant remember the exact 'fake' name, but they came from China. If any one here is from the forums, you'll know what i mean.

    That aside, if this did come out, and for £100, i would consider buying it lol

    Maybe it is a joke? I can't find a reference anywhere else...
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