Nokia N600 slide problem

    I'm having problems with my phone and I am wondering if anyone has any advice to sort them out please.

    1) The phone won't charge unless i wiggle the charger around then hold it in place, i guess this is a connection problem.

    2) When i finally get it to turn on it loads up but none of the keys work, it pops up with someone saying "...voice recognition recommended". Or something similar. I don't know if it is now set to only voice recognition, in which case i haven't set it so don't know how to use it or it is just knackered!

    I have tried turning it on several times and always get the same thing!
    I know i can take it to the shop to get looked at but i need to make an important phone call first and of course all my numbers are on the phone.

    Any helpful advice would be appreciated it's driving me nuts!


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    I had a quick look on the net for help but didn't find anything relevant.

    can you connect it to your computer via usb to get all the numbers off it?

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    can you connect it to your computer via usb to get all the numbers off it?

    oh yeah good plan, will do that thanks x

    its ok...then think about taking it to the carphone warehouse to get it fixed when i smashed my screen, they fixed mine for free when i didnt even buy it from there, they said every phone has a guarantee for a certain amount of time so they made the phone manyfacturer pay for it

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    well i got it last March and have insurance so shouldn't be a problem but its so annoying not being able to ring from it, best get my coat on and pop into town. Thanks lil_tiger.
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