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    Sorry first post I hope it won't annoy anoyone that I post a deal request first, but I've been lurking around the site for a while...

    My boyfriend's contract has run out on his phone and he's decided to go for the Nokia N70 in black as his next one.

    The best deal we have found so far is 5 months free line rental at £35 per month, but were hoping that we could better it.

    I'm having trouble finding this phone listed on most online places (e.g. [url][/url] where i got my lg chocolate for £1.99 line retal for the first 9 months on a £35 contract).

    We were wondering if anyone had come across a good deal on this phone? If not the black one, has anyone seen the silver one at a good price?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for helping me break my hukd cherry!!

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    Hey Esther,

    I saw a deal for the Black Nokia N70 on an Orange contract. It was 6 months free etc with unlimited landline calls for free and 500 minutes pm. I saw an ad in the paper it was an offer directly from Orange.

    You could try calling them up on there customer service or visit [url][/url]

    Hope this helps
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