nokia n70 unlocking code

    I need nokia n70 unlocking free if possible or someone know the procedure.

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    If your on Vodafone then call Vodafone and they should be able to provide the code for you, other than that there are no FREE codes for BB5 handsets or even new Nokia handsets.

    The old free Dejan BB5 SPUnlocker should work on this handset, have a search on here im sure it would have been posted, failing all that though just take it to a local phone shop should be about £5

    SP Unlocker by Dejan supports the following:-
    * Nokia 6630 RAP3G v2.10E PA
    * Nokia 6680 RAP3G v2.0E PA
    * Nokia 6681 RAP3G v2.0E PA
    * Nokia E60 RAP3G v2.20E PA
    * Nokia E65 RAP3G v2.20E PA
    * Nokia E70 RAP3G v2.20E PA
    * Nokia N70 RAP3G v2.20 PA
    * Nokia N71 RAP3G v2.20 PA
    * Nokia N90 RAP3G v2.11 PA
    * Nokia N91 RAP3G v2.20E PA
    * Nokia N93 RAP3GS v2.0E PA

    Use at your own risk, not all N70's are supported and I havent come across a single E65 that worked with the unlocker
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