Nokia N70 wanted

    Hello people !

    I have noticed that there are alot of mobile phone deals getting posted...

    im after a nokia N70 (cheep as) either contract or PAYG

    The thing is i was going to buy off ebay (might be my option i dont know) which are about £200 as i have a very good contact and upgraded in december to the w800i (not a fan of this and like nokia's)

    so im wanting to actualy buy the N70 (or any good 3g phone, iv noticed the referb 6680 but im not sure wot refurb means !!)

    so i was wondering if you can get a contract where you get cash back so it ends up free or cheeper that about 200ish (as i will use my other contract sim)

    Hope this makes sence, i hope you can help, not a huge fan of this w800i

    Cheers :pirate:


    If you get it for £200 then you'll be getting a decent deal.

    Is that new??

    You can get it new on PAY-G >>HERE<< for £270 which is really dear compared to what you found. I think your £200 offer has it!! :pirate:

    Original Poster

    Well its about £200 on ebay :s

    but i think orange do it on contract, 12.50 for 6 months then 25 for the other 6 which equals £220 but i was just having a lil not bothered about what deal i get with the contract as i wont use that SIM if you know wot i mean... im basicly using my old contract but want this new phone

    Hope this helps

    That's be a good offer too. I wouldn't suggest getting a contract from a retailer though because it wouldn't be any cheaper and you could risk losing the cashback.

    Any PAY-G offer on the net or buying it on contract from the network will be safest.

    Good luck.
    Especially if you are getting a contract, use [url][/url]

    Original Poster

    thanks for you help Duckmagicuk2

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