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I am looking for the Nokia N73 on contract, and I would prefer it to be 12 months maximum.

I don't mind if it is cash back or not, as long as it is from a reputable company.

I also don't mind what network, as long as it is cheap (I heard 3 offer the cheapest contracts). For the whole 12 months I don't want to spend more than £300, preferably around £250 if this is possible.

I only need around 500 mins per month, not too bothered about texts


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This was £113 from e2save clearlance and cashbackb4 xmas, but all the good deals from then are gone now, maybe towards the end of the month it maybe improve, but not as good as they were before xmas.

I suggest this:
Free Nokia 73 on Orange Racoon 35 500x-net-mins/200sms/250anytime-landline-mins (12.5hours/month total of minutes) £272.08 cashback (8months for 99p/month) term cost: £357.92, after quidco: £321.42 total term cost

Listed here:

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edit: Oopps thats a 18month contract, which would give you free broadband too, but nevermind.

Free Clearlance Nokia N73 on O2 500mins/100sms, £100 cashback, £380 term cost, after quidco: £343.5


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Both O2 and Orange both offering suprerior 18month contract deals though.

How about here, virgin mobile :]http//ww…FBF

If you can afford the initial outlay cost:
12month free rental contract from TheMobileOutlet or CoolNewMobile on the varying Vodafone Anytime 500+250 or T-Mobile Relax 35 (500/200) or 3 VTT 1100 (600/400)
getting a Nokia N73 simfree @ £280£295 would probably work out near £250 or less in total when you include quidco and selling the phone provided

Well here's some i found (cos i want one too!!!)
but try these suggestions...
Orange Panther 45 (400m/100t) at £251
or better
T-Mobile Relax 35 (500/200) at £263.16
Both on 12 month free line-rental contracts and get £33 back with quidco, again if you got the money for the initial outlay and the redemption is OK. (which is the equivalent of £19.18/month for the t mobile deal)…616

For anyone looking at the 18 months (and as schizoboy points out better pricewise)
Orange Racoon35 (500m+250 landline mins)/200t) or Dolphin35 (500m/500t), both having 8 months at 99p, which is a total cost of 357.92 and 37.50 back with quidco = 320.42 (marginally better than the e2save and thats £17.80/month equivalent)…p;B[0][next][0]=&B[0][tariff]=P45CP&B[0][handsetcode]=ORAN73&B[0][giftcode]=F8199&B[0][network]=orange

This is only about my second post so far - se be gentle on me - and if someone finds a better deal - LET ME KNOW!!!

Not bad, but it's a shame anyone who was after this is looking now.

The market is still waiting for more announcements on phones and for the market to settle.

These deals are eons away from what was available before xmas.

In fact without wanting to be too negative, for a popular phone, now is NOT a good time to get a contract phone imo.

Yeah it suck's i heard about the great deals after the fact - as i started looking about the new year (as my contract was up 4th) SO wish i'd looked before!!!

Renewed contract 2day with o2 £25 500 x-net-mins 400 txt 12 month contract(was originally £35 a month 500 x-net-mins 500 txt but they took 100 txt off and knocked a £10 off) plus got a brand new N73 free. I didnt need 2 haggle to get this deal, dont know if u can get it if u r a new contract but if u phone up and tell them about it i`m sure they cant deny that it is there. Just a thought.

Original Poster

Can't believe I missed £113 from e2save!

Thanks for your input everyone, I appreciate your help. I will have a look at some of the deals posted, but being a student I can't really afford some of the more expensive ones. Forgot to mention this before, but are there any offers for students?

I think I may just buy a cheap PAYG one off ebay, or wait a while longer for a decent deal. Sparhawk, if you do find a deal, let me know too.

Just an update on my progress....
Dolphin 35 (see above) from phonespot 7months free and £50 quidco (£335 total 18.61/month)
or carphone warehouse 12months at 9.99 and £37quidco (£292.88 total 16.27/month)
Did ask if phone spot would pricematch the carphone warehouse (cos of the extra from quidco) but the best they could do was 11 months at 9.99 (£304.89 total 16.94/month)
But on the brightside you can get the free orange broadband for extra savings (or the £5.month 8mb/"unlimited")
Anyone know how good/bad this really is????
Hope this helps

Original Poster

I saw that offer on Carphone Warehouse too, but I'm a bit wary of cashback deals after reading so many horror stories on the internet, so I think I will avoid them. And I don't have much use for Orange broadband as I already have an 8mb connection.

Three mobile offer a refurb N73 with 10 months half price line rental
( 17.50 x 10 ) + ( 35 x 8 ) = 455
Quidco offer £100 for 18 month contract = 355
So it's 355/18 = £19.72/month (avoiding cashback deals, apart from Quidco)

I think I'll settle for the N80 instead. At the moment, Three have that at 18 months half price line rental for a refurb, at £17.50/month ( £315 total for 18 months), minus the £100 from Quidco and it goes down to ( 215 / 18 ) = £11.94/month

And you get free MSN on Three, and with the N80 free internet with its wifi (even though the battery life sucks) so not too bad of a deal, with no dodgy cashbacks either.

thanks sab1, I almost went for the same deal a couple of nights ago with nowhere near as many minutes/texts (not refurb though) and I didn't think about quidco either!!! almost missed out on £100 (if it tracks)...anyway the N80 disappeared from their site, I tried ringing but they didn't have glad it's back even if it's a refurb. I bought 1.

the nokia n80 is a bad phone
very poor battery crashes a lot and it is very slow for wifi

Brother has the N73, seems okay.

Original Poster


the nokia n80 is a bad phone very poor battery crashes a lot and it is … the nokia n80 is a bad phone very poor battery crashes a lot and it is very slow for wifi

I know I have read the reviews, but I'm willing to accept its flaws at such a low price. Also the phone I am using now is much worse, so it won't seem that bad. Also, as its a refurb I assume it will be flashed to the latest firmware, so hopefully any issues will be resolved.

Also, I noticed Three have stopped calling them refurbs, but N80r instead

a lot of the problems were solved by version 4 firmware but the mobile companies already gave up trying to put their own versions on it. mixed reviews on battery, probably people leaving everything on like bluetooth and wi-fi and infra-red and sitting on buses playing music so everyone can hear the tinny beats!

anyway this thread was about the N73....

that sounds like a good deal that you got there from O2. Anyone else get a god deal liek that?
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