Nokia N73 Help required

Hi there,

Im hoping someone maybe able to help me with my phone...im having problems sending texts - it takes about 1 minute to send a text - I've been into CPW who advised it needs updating, and I wondered if I could do this at home or will I have to take it to a shop to get it done.

If I do have to take it to a shop will it cost much if anything at all???

Hope someone can help



just ring up nokia you have 2 years warranty with them and they should advise you on how to resolve the issue. heres the landlines number 01480 410616 press option one which is trade and then ask to be transfered to customer service.

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Thanks very much ill give them ago tomorrow...I think its a bit late to call now...

Thanks again :thumbsup:

youre welcome.

There is a program on the Nokia site called "SMS accelerator" or something like that. Try that first. I think its under the N73 software bit.

[SIZE=2]You can update firmware online. At the Nokia site ]here.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Find you current software, and see if there is update available first. ]here.[/SIZE]

You'll get the nice new software which will make your N73 like the Music Edition, allowing the display of Album art or visualisations.

Any problems or queries regarding the phone just PM me as I own one.
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