NOKIA N73- how big

    Does anyone know were I can quickly compare the actual size of nokias N73 with other models side by side, preferably next to a 6233.

    I am looking just no luck so far

    Thank you in advance.



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    Thanks for link, doesnt seem much bigger but I thought it would be


    If at all possible, visit a shop like CarPhoneWarehouse and take them in your hand; I did that when looking for a phone and was surprised at how big / akward / flimsy some phones were.

    The N73 isn't bad though!

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    How much are these selling forcos may go with 6233 till get next contract upgrade?


    Is the 6233 about the same size as the old 6230? If so then the N70 is massive compared, not sure about the N73 though.

    Go to here mate, ]http//ww…tml

    Scroll down and you will see phones side by side, think there is even a video with him comparing sizes. :thumbsup:

    EDIT: after not selling my N73, im quite glad i never, its one tasty peice of equipment and it was great thru New year and Xmas for videos and pics, altho get a 1gb mini sd card as it fits loads of memory.
    I would def reccomend this phone, its the beeeeeez kneeeeeez

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    Thanks mate this is just type of thing was looking for :-)

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