Nokia N73 is this phone any good or rubbish ?

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Found 7th Nov 2006
I`ve been looking at getting one of these as it appears to have everything on it, but there are hundreds of new ones for sale on Ebay at about £180 to £250 (from Orange simlocked to unlocked any network). Unwanted upgrade the most common term used, but on the Nokia forums loads of people complaining about bluetooth regularly disconnecting, can`t read sd cards reliably and phones locking up. Lots of people slagging off Nokia firmware and poor customer service etc.

Is this phone any good or is it rubbish ?

One ebayer had abrand new Orange N70 with no sim card, why would he sell an Orange Networked N70 without a sim card ?


TBH, a lot of the new nokias have had all sorts of issues.
Look at the clearance sites, to see how many 6280's are available. OK, these are the Series 40 Operating Systems, not the more complex N series one's, but if they can't get the simple stuff to work, the more complex one's are gonna be bad.
The N80 for a time was the flagship, PDA beater, and that had compatibility issues with 3rd party Symbian Applications; that's the whole point of Symbian for it to work with all :-(
Look at the large number of Nokia's out there, and the updated models; i have read there is a replacement for the 6280 which has just had a facelift cos of the poor sales and performance.
The N93 is supposedly the next big thing, but again, no one is fully sure of stability.
I'd leave it a while personally.
For the record, i am with 3 and orange, running a QTEK 9000 and a Samsung D600. I've not had a Nokia for a while now, last phone was a Moto A1000, now that is a phone, if only they made the proposed A1010 :-(
For my sins, i loiter (oo-er) around the 3G forum, don't post much, just read a lot and the N73 has some comments there too, read


I'd leave the nokia's for a bit, what other options do you have?


The N93 is supposedly the next big thing, but again, no one is fully sure … The N93 is supposedly the next big thing, but again, no one is fully sure of stability

My other half has the N93 and it has been great, no probs as yet and have been amazed by the quality of it.

On the other side I had a Sony W800i its been awful!

It arrived in March and Ive sent it back 5 times already...
We actually havent used it at all...its had problems with the camera, the connection to networks, the joystick etc...its driven me mad!

Ive never had any problems with the Nokias Ive had until they are 9months old...then they switch themselves off and stick....probably due to overuse!

My Siemans M65 had problems intermittently and Ive never really fancied another Siemans.

I think its the luck of the draw...

at least Ive been able to return and get them replaced.

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