Nokia N73 of Sony Ericson K800i - Which one?

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Found 21st Jan 2007
can anyone tell me what the best phone is above and why? I can't decide although I've always liked Nokia's in the past.
P.S. What kind of memory card does each phone take?

Thanks very much

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  3. Sony

Sony- Memory Stick Micro M2 Card
N73- Mini SD

Major difference is N73 has operating system

IS it for contract?

If pay and go or upgrade k800i is available for £149.99


take a look at this may give you an idea if you compare specs as well as photos by each:thumbsup:


i cant compare between the n73 and k800 as i dont know anyone with the n73, but i can tell you that the k800 is an amazing phone if you like messing around with your phone. it has a better camera than my digital camera, it can play music fairly well, you can get a big memory card and shove lots of music on it, and its fairly easy to use.

Disadvantage : its quite thick. and you might notice it in your pocket (as in it irritates you).

I got a SE k800i, and its awesome, but yeah, it is quite a brick, but not OTT if you are used to nokia's :giggle:

the OS on the k800i is the same as all SE and can be slow, but only when starting games, or opening up a contact list of 200+ with full profies

I suspect as a pure phone, K800i is better ( I used to have a K750i which did everything I wanted as a phone). But as a gadget, the N73 can definetly do more things potentially due to all the S60 apps available for it. Kinda turns it into a slow pocket PC...I have played with the K800i and I would have no compaints apart from its camera cover which can easily be opened accidently.

If you wanna have the ability make use of apps like a "lie detector" for your callers, or play gameboy games on a nintendo emulator, do online stuff like messenger/yahoo/aol from one app etc, learn languages on your phone etc .. N73 is the one. If u just want a good camera phone, its the K800i.

i've had both of these phones - and the n73 is MUCH better (this is the fone i currently have)

the n73 can do practically everything the sony one can do

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Thank you very much to everyone that responded. It really is appreciated. Im taking out a new contract. The only thing thats holding it up is trying to decide which phone to go for.

N73. Without a doubt...it has known to have bugs....but if you get it updated runs smooth like anything. Also N73 looks and IS superior to the K800i.

However the K800i is stilla good phone but NOT better than the N73.:giggle:

just get the nokia N95 when it comes out next month.

March I think.

5 mp camera :thumbsup:

Anyone know if there is going to be a new n73 style phone this year?

I have an N70 and its rubbish!! (if thats anything to go by!) thing freezes up and is extremely slow - runs much the same software as the N73 I believe! shall defo be getting a sony when my contract is up for renewal

I find the N73 freezes a lot too especially during connection to the web. Yes its very slow also in general use. Compared to the Sony, its not as intuitive or quick to get at or find info on the phone in general. But its the price you pay for flexibilty and power I guess.. !

I have a K800i and have got to admit it is the most complete phone I have ever owned, have a friend with the n73 and it is a lot bigger than the sony!

n73 is not any bigger than k800 or if it is its very slight

the screen is lot bigger though

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Thanks everyone. I think I'll go for the Sony. Does anyone know where I can buy the cheapest 1 Gb memory card for it?

Have gotta admit you are right give or take a couple of mm's, don't why I had that impression:?
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