Nokia N73 on a New Contract.

    I only have 2 months remaining on my 18 month Vodafone contract. I'm looking to sign up for another contract (Vodafone, Ornage or O2). I am looking for an MP3 player phone and I usually prefer Nokia phone. Thought that the N73 looks good (although so does the new sony one). I usually by direct from the networks website and have an online tariff as it's cheaper. Ideally don't want to spend more than £30 per monh but need a good amount of texts and anytime cross network minutes.
    I know it's sounds a lot to ask for but any info on phones and tariff deals would be great. I'm sure that other people out there will find it helpful.

    Cheers :thumbsup:


    Hi there, i've had the N73 since it came out, and i'm very happy with it. Possibly your best bet might be to upgrade with your current network, and change the number of minutes and texts you get and get the N73 - thats what I did on O2 (500 x-network mins + 500texts + free N73 for £20 a month).

    If the network doesn't offer you a good deal, even if you threaten to leave, then the best deals at the moment are on cashback, from both One Stop Phone Shop and e2save. The only thing with these cashback deals is that you pay quite a bit each month (£35 to £40), but get a large amount of it back.
    Check out this link for ideas:…=50

    If the link doesn't work, go to the homepage on [url][/url]

    Hope thats of some help


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    That's great. Thanks for the info.
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