Nokia N73 UNLOCKED

    Hi folks, im looking to buy a nokia N73 unlocked or on Virgin mobile
    Can anyone find me a good deal please?

    I dont want contract thanks, i like to pay as i go lol

    Also can anyone tell me what the difference to buying a branded phone to a non branded phone is ?
    All i can see is the brand sticker on the front of the mobile.


    branded is mostly about the software and possibly disabling features, but mostly its their own added software crap people don;t want to see.

    I believe that the entire Nokia N series cannot be unlocked without assistance from your current service provider.

    Virgin do have the N73 for £330…E67

    I think that once you have spend £30 in airtime vouchers Virgin will unlock the phone for free.

    I have seen Buy-It-Now deals on eBay on the 3 network that are circa £200 incl postage.

    simfree/network free/brand free/completely unlocked Nokia N73's:

    ]http//ww…146 £299.95 + P&P

    ]http//ww…N73 £297.00 + P&P

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    thanks folks for feedback

    Erm..... am I missing something. Sign up to O2 @ onestopphoneshop and get the phone for free and get 250 anytime x-net mintus + 100 texts for 30 pounds per month... oh yeah, with 5 months free line rental. Grand total term cost ...... 210 pounds. Basically, PAYG is a rip off, muggs only!!!! Even if you are stupid enough to miss all of the cashbacks you are only talking about 360 pounds for the phone and line rental and minutes.


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    ERM..... ive got a bad credit history (due to an Ex bleeding me of money) so thats why i said pay as you go
    So really its not a MUGS game, not if you cant get credit,

    EDIT: D10brp Have some Neg rep -1 Im not a mug, its through no fault of my own,
    so now your missing something your little green box of rep.

    saxo u read MSE's guide to good credit rating etc?

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    Matey iv tried to get a phone on contract but i cant get one, my EX bust me with £3000 of bad debt which she used my name.
    I dont know how to get a contract without it showing up on my credit report, more refusals mean more bad history added to the report

    There are ways, they're just cumbersome and take time.

    1st would be to write to all your creditors and describe exactly what happened etc, try and get as much debt out of your name as possible etc, most of this advice is on MSE.

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    No point now, ive left it all to late, i was hoping the debt would eventually be written off (over a five year period).
    This was like 3 years ago so they aint going to believe me with your advice mate sorry :thumbsup: thanks for thinking tho.

    Completed listings on ebay for Nokia N73 unlocked:


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    thanks schizoboy, much appreciated for the help

    Did you get one saxo?
    How much was it?

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    yeh have a look at this thread:

    I searched for that wrong one, ignore what i said pre edit.

    Original Poster

    lol on the sauce again matey ?? lol

    Original Poster

    lol ok i see.
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