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    Hi there does anybody know where i could get the best deal on a nokia n80. I am currently with o2 and have been for many years but after calling them they say that i would have to buy the phone for £179 and pay a stupidly high tariff. Last year i got a 6680 for free 200 x-net minutes which carry over and 500 texts a month for £20p/m. I would be looking for the same kind of thing but maybe slightly better if possible. I have been looking at '3' which seem pretty good plus they give you free internet browsing which i really like the sound of but all of there good deals are on 18 month contracts - i could only do a 12 month contract as in that time i will have scratched my phone to death and need a new one. I'm going to ring o2 again in a day or so and try again but don't think that they will buckle - i need to sort this asap as well because o2 have said if i cancel now i have to give 30 days notice even though my contract expires in 2 weeks! i don't mind the idea of cashback either if its from a reliable company. can anyone help!?!?!?!:(

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    Hi, I just got the N80 from 02 last week. Phoned them up, they tried to talk me out of wanting this phone but I stuck to my guns and said I had already seen a good deal on 3 with this phone. They wanted me to pay £79 for phone and I said I wasn't prepared to pay that so could they cancel my contract. Eventually, after speaking to his manager, I got the phone free and am paying £20 a month for 400 mins and 100 texts. Give them a ring and threaten to cancel your contract.
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