Nokia N80

    Hi All, Wondering where the cheapest place to get a Nokia N80

    Please can someone give me a rought idea of a cheap price.



    Do you want it sim free or on a contract?

    If you want a contract then go (via quidco for 100 quid) to…183 that's a Nokia N80 at 17.50 for an 18 month contract.

    Plus if you recommend a friend you and the friend get 30 quid on your accounts that you can spend on calls etc or just to pay your rental. Not forgetting the 100 quid you will get from Quidco. 130 pounds is over 7 months line rental FREE

    If you are stuck for a 3 mobile number of who to recommend then PM me and I will pass you my number. We both then get 30 quid.

    Otherwise you can pick them up on ebay for about 100 quid.

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    don't want it on contract, be great if it works with voda if not I will just get it unlocked

    i hhave 1 for sale

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    What sort of price?
    is it unlocked, and is it black or silver?

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