Nokia N80 - Thoughts

    Haven't looked at new phones for quite a while so I'm a bit off the pace! What do the phone junkies on this site think of it? Any better alternatives?


    N80 is a bit overvalued at the moment imo, alot of new phones will be announced in Q1 07 and when those start shipping this will plummet but that is months away.

    What particular features are you after?

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    but say I could get it for free with a reasonably priced contract, does it have any drawbacks? I like symbian, camera, probably want to add a GPS receiver at some point.

    Vodafone and 3 have dropped this phone due to software problems, others have no problems at all.

    This phone was designed and announced in 2005 albeit with high specs, now however it's not so quite high spec, it's bulky, doesn;t have 16million colour screen like the other new hvga screens in nokia's range.

    Also this isn't a good phone for gps, while the high res screen is goregous, it's too small to read while driving.

    Ther main complaint I've heard about this is that it is rather sluggish - slow when navigating one screen to another.

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    three still have it on their site??


    Vodafone and 3 have dropped this phone due to software problems, others … Vodafone and 3 have dropped this phone due to software problems, others have no problems at all.

    what do you think the chances are of me sending mine back ???

    iv had it a few month but havent used it much as i was phoning ppl in when in my pocket, the slide opens very easy !!

    it was slow when navigating and its a bulky phone, i wouldnt recommend it, its a feature packed phone to half the stuff you wouldnt use !!!!

    so... wots the chances me sending this back 2 vodafone and getting something totaly different ?? :whistling:

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    so what about the k800?

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    hmmm I think I'm gonna ignore everyone and get the N80 and hope I can upgrade the firmware easily, can't afford the N73 which seems to be the safer option.

    K800 is amazing if you're after pictures, and also it is very user friendly. For example I used to be a samsung fan, to send a sms, you have to click menu, messages, write message, click send, select number, would u like to add more numbers? are you sure? positive? phone a friend? ...I think you get the idea, just a long process!

    With SE, its write sms, and send!

    One thing i like about the N80 is wifi conn

    DON'T get it the battery is POO!!!!!!!
    If you are lucky it will last a day

    Mine works fine. Battery life could be better but I have tomtom installed and works fine with a holux gps receiver. I cure the slider opening problem by getting a krussel case and using the handy keylock programme. I have a 2gb card in it which works fine and the camera is ok. Overall I'd give it a 7/10
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