Nokia N85?

    Right basically I'm stuck in a contract with orange til next september.

    I have got a Nokia N85 and have had it for about 8 months. I have the box, instructions and everything else it come with.

    Its completely unbranded and unlocked. Its not in mint condition but its in very good condition.

    If i traded it into CeX and it got a A grade they would give 140 ish which I dont think is to bad?

    but they sell them for like 230!

    I don't think I can get that much if i was to avoid ebay?

    What ya reckon?


    A grade at CEX is basically brand new so doubt you would get that ,if it is really tidy you might make £140 private,

    Original Poster

    hmm I reckon I could get grade A. Ive seen them sell far worse condition at grade a in store.

    I want a new new phone just don't know, which one yet

    Any cosmetic scratch, mark, dent, imperfection is enough to drop you to grade B. I've bought phones that came boxed with everything as grade C due to the above.

    If a private sale doesn't work out you can always fall back on recycling it for something like £125.

    avoif ebay
    sold same phone for £155
    took around £13 in FVF
    lukily buyer collected or paypal fees would have been added on top

    are there scratches etc on it ? screen ?

    have you tried mazuma mobile? ive just traded my n95 8gb in for £130 of argos vouchers
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