nokia n85 software update

    to all nokia n85 owners.....

    apparently a new firmware version has been released v.31 see link below

    i have just checked my n85 version and its v.11

    tried to update via the handset but says no new version available?

    confused, anyone updated theirs yet?


    Updates usually apply to handsets bought direct from nokia first and are later rolled out to those bought from other sources,If you go to the Nokia site and use the Nokia software updater through your PC then sometimes you get a newer update than the OTA update,…ate

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    but what is the actual latest firmware version for the n85?

    the latest firmware is v31.002 but whether you can install it depends on your actual phone,

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    wow cheers

    tried "over the air" and pc suite and says my v.11 is uptodate.

    is it possible to download the v.31 as a stand alone file and update it that way?

    or any suggestions?

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    finally sorted it!!!!

    heres how-

    people dont realise that nokia dont provide swf updates to network branded handsets- scandel!

    so we are stuck with old buggy swf- wrong!

    basically you need to change the product code to euro1 using nss.

    i am now a proud owner of a unbranded n85 version 31.

    what a difference- much faster and smoother to operate!

    took me 6hrs to figure this but worth it
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