Nokia N900 or Blackberry Bold 9700 or Nokia X6

    I'm going nuts over what phone to get as an upgrade and have no idea what to get?

    Which one of the above do you think is better?

    I've used a Blackberry Bold 9000 for the past year I liked it because of the email features, messenger and IM. But having a BB for a year, would you try something new? which one would be a better browsing, email experiance? I'm not bothered about whether it has 1gb, 2gb 8gb memory etc.. i just want a nice decent phone that i'm able to change the font size and is simple to use without it lagging

    Please help..


    Personally I would go for the N900 out of those (although I would wait for the HTC Desire if given the choice of any). If you are into hacking the phone the N900 runs a distro of linux (maemo) and Nokia support you doing pretty much anything with it - e.g. full root access. There's lots of cool stuff available for the N900 like an app to use it as a PS3 controller. It's not really a mainstream phone though so you probably won't get people complementing you over it if that's what you're after.

    i've got an n900 and love it! It comes with a cable to connect it to your TV, so I've been playing snes games (i've got about 800 roms) on the tv using a ps3 as a controller (you can also use a wiimote & many other bluetooth controllers). The only downside to the phone is that it has a resistive touch screen rather than a capacitive on like the iphone, but the screens still very good (even without multitouch!).

    Typing this on my 9700 bold, only had it a couple of days but so far so good. Nice and quick and good battery life, qwerty keyboard is useful also
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