Nokia N900 - What do you think ??

    Trying to decide if the new Nokia N900 is a good phone, or should I get an iPhone 3GS.. or wait for the new iPhone which could/should appear later this year ?

    What do you think ??


    I like the iphone but its a bit big in the pocket and gets scratched easily


    I like the iphone but its a bit big in the pocket and gets scratched … I like the iphone but its a bit big in the pocket and gets scratched easily

    Use protection


    have you seen winmo7?

    I've got an N900 and wished I'd have gone for an iphone with similiar HDD capabilities. The touch screen isn't as responsive as my ipod touch and i'll be b*ggered if I can get it to sync with my laptop to download movies or music...

    It's also VERY heavy...

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    How heavy is it compared to the iPhone or the N95 8GB (current phone ) ??

    I keep looking at eb*y to see how much they are going for and there are some good deals.. Usually cheaper than the iPhone !!

    I have had an N900 since the end of december. It's easily one of the best phones (although people keep telling me it's not a phone) i've had.

    If you need to know any specific details then just ask. I don't have an iphone but I do have an ipod touch and the 3 main points for why I prefer the N900 are...
    - It's big. I'm not sure how much heavier it is than the N95 8GB, but I wouldn't say by a lot. It's definitely bigger though. I know most people prefer small thinner phones but I'm one of the few who don't. The N900 is not stupidly big but i can feel it when its in my pocket and it fits comfortably into my hand(s).

    - The slide-out keyboard. I'm not a big fan of touch only gadgets, having physical buttons makes a huge difference to me. Especially when texting or playing emulators.

    - Multi-tasking. I haven't yet found a limit to how many things the N900 can do at the same time without crashing. To be fair I haven't properly tried to crash it, the furthest I went was to run around 10 different apps at the same time. I can't exactly remember what I had open but it was something like... I was on the phone, had a few emulators running, had a few web pages open, checking the weather app, updating an app and writing a text. All that happened was the phone slowed down slightly!

    I know these points aren't for everyone but for me they make a huge difference. The N900 still has a few rough patches but updates are planned (MMS!!) and once the ovi store gets rolling I expect to see a lot of decent apps available.

    In regards to multi tasking I haven't found 10 apps to open on the n900 yet..!

    I'm hoping I'll start to feel the love for it with the app store gets up and running...

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    Thanks for the comments.

    I'll keep checking on here and eb*y and see what comes up !!
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