I have seen this said on ebay, NOKIA N91 FOR UNDER £95 WITH FREE SHIPPING.

    I'd love this deal - but am reluctant to pay someone around a fiver for a link.

    Does anyone know if this rings true or about this kinda thing ?

    Thanks... JON


    I think you'll find this is someone selling freely available informtation on phone contracts. The same info you'll get here. Such as 12 months line rental, claim cashback, cashback through QuidCo and so on...

    I think you will end up with either this or something like (in)famous "iPod for 20 quid" scam.

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    Can you take a look at this ebay link, the seller reckons that its not as you suggest and would expect !?!?!

    I guess it sounds too good to be true and will be.…tem

    It has 'scam' written all over it. Never buy links on eBay... if it was true then the link would be available online elsewhere too.

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    Yeah your right, thanks for the heads up people.

    If you look at the feedback, people seem to like the product?

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    I've emailed one of the buyers and asked em if they bought / received the phone or if it turned out to be a scam !?!?!

    Await an answer I guess.


    Of course they do! Is anyone like to admit he/she is missing person from some village out there?
    Here is direct link to that "legit" website:…htm
    It's obvious pyramide scam:…htm

    BTW, Google is your friend - just search for "Nokia N91" 94.99 and this (and some other) sites will show up. You can send me that fiver now

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    Just saw that someone else on ebay is selling the same link for 50 quids !!! God knows how many he has sold.


    If you look at the feedback, people seem to like the product?

    Well... do you know those 'phising' scams which you hear about on the news?? What they do is send you an email asking you to 'confirm' your account details with eBay.

    When you go to their site you type in your login information (username and password) and instead of it checking it with the database it emails the crook your login details.

    They can then use the login details, not to get money from you, but to use your good feedback. They then sell something 'scammy' like this or something expensive with Western Union payment and the buyer trusts them because they're using your good feedback.

    Meanwhile they've changed the password so you can't get back in and you're powerless against them.

    So never trust emails from eBay, PayPal or banks asking you to 'confirm' your details with them for 'security purposes', because they don't do it.

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