Nokia N95 8GB 12 Month Contract BEST DEAL?

    Hi guys whats the best deal on a n95 8gb contract needs to be 12 months contract. I can afford around 30 pounds per month. My Vodafone contract is currently ending this week. Thanks in advance.


    Hi, a guy at work told me he is waiting for his n95 from 3. This was for around the 30.00 a month deal. The phone was out of stock as everbody wants one. I dont know if this was a special price as he has been a 3 customer for a while. Hope this helps good luck.

    I got this about a week ago from Three…201

    I ordered online via quidco (£32.50) and used recommend a mate (£30) it came after two days.

    If you need a number for recommend a mate PM me and i'll be happy to give you mine :thumbsup:

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    Any more deals?

    I'm not sure if this is possible but with Orange for example, you can switch between tariffs after a certain period.

    So looking at prices for the N95 (I'm after one myself) you find tariffs similar to:

    Phone cost - £79
    Term - 18 months
    Monthly charge - £30

    Phone cost - £29
    Term - 18 months
    Monthly charge £35

    So what's stopping you buying the cheaper handset at the higher monthly charge, then after the first month changing to the cheaper tariff?

    Not 100% but I think that the minimum term before changing contracts is usually 6 months.

    wouldnt the deal from Three be better as you pay £30 per month and nothing extra for the handset?…201

    plus you would get quidco (£32.50) and recommend a mate (£30)
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