Nokia N95 8GB = £300

    Hello All

    How much do Nokia N95 8GB's sell for ? I got a buyer who will buy mine for £300 locked to Orange and he will use a Nokia TrueSim to use with his 3 sim card.

    So £300 worth it? Its factory sealed!

    Thanks All!


    just a bit more imho


    Your selling this for a good price IMO!! Normally going around the £250 to £300 mark depending where you sell it. :thumbsup:

    Well I paid that a couple months ago so it seems like a v.good price for you.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all just brought the Turbo Sim

    got the deposit now need to order it ha ha!


    Order it ??????? from where

    Original Poster

    Orange ......... its coming on Wednesday
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