nokia n95 8gb battery life realy bad!!

Found 15th Apr 2008
Ive had my nokia n95 8gb for 3 months now and while i think its one of the best phones ive had the battery life on it is realy bad,i have to charge it up nearly everyday.i must admit i browse the net alot on it and listen to mp3's while i cycle to work but still wish it would last longer than just 1 day,im thinking abiut buying a extra battery just incase.anyone else have this trouble?

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Its well known that the N95 battery life is pretty poor, especially when using internet etc. Browsing the internet will use a nearly as much power as making phone calls and few phones offer over 5 hours call time so if you are browsing for a couple of hours a day or more the battery will flatten quickly. Guess its a compromise you havet to pay for having so many features in such a small device...
Yeah it definately a compromise. Cracking phone tho let down by a poor camera.

A battery will cost you £29.99
I purchased a case for my N95 8gb and realised that my phone was too tightly fitted in there. Even though my keypad was locked, the case was pushing buttons and completely draining the battery. I listen to quite a few MP3's and it lasts me around 2/3 days before I have to charge it again. Maybe it's just a bad battery?
k850 is best a/r - nokiaare rugurgurating old crp
na most sony phones are boring,u tried browsing on one of them lol
I suffer no issues with my N95 8GB. Just make sure that Bluetooth is switched off and also the WLAN scan is off. This battery is a different one to the battery in previous N95 which I charged whenever I was in the car.

As stated already, listening to MP3's and surfing WILL drain your power substantially. You wouldn't get anymore life out of an iPod if you listened to it for as long. Also, make sure you're not running a load of programmes in the background ( press and hold the Navigation key for 3 secs to find out)

I disagree with a previous comment about poor camera quality. Regularily take photos on mine, and have had them blown upto 24"x36" without much distortion.

Great phone.
have u got any emultors running on yours?
all phones on the three network have poor battery life. It's something to do with the huge amount of info the mobile is doing every second. network's not optimized. Been through them all k800i, n73, n95, etc. All - 1 day at most. Is yours on three?
I updated the firmware on my standard N95 a couple of weeks ago, and must say that the battery life has improved.

Maybe just check via Nokia PC Suite that you have the latest firmware on the phone.
I had the original N95 when it 1st came out and boy did that have a bad battery life, usually less than a day. I had to buy a second battery and carry it round with me while I was surfing. Made up with the new N95 8GB tho, great phone!!

Little tip an O2 guy gave me, you can disable 3G on the phone while you are not using web/video calls etc and this can more than double the battery life. Can't for the life of me remember how but ne1 in an O2 shop should know.
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