NOKIA N95 8gb Poor workmanship or not Mines going back under SP warranty but where do i stand?

    i got my 8 gb in july and have noticed that the underneath of the front slide has been rubbing against the keypad below and has scored noticeable scratches on the fascia just above key no.3, along the bottom of the fascia below * 0 and # and also on the back of the front fascia.
    Anyone else had this problem, how was it resolved and where do i stand?
    my SP has arranged a collection for mon.


    I thought the build quality of the n95 8gb was superior.

    yeah, mine does that....its due to endfloat on the slider. my number 3 is destroyed.

    nokia will send it back saying its due to user mal-treatment....or saying you have dropped it.

    poor quality workmanship/design. plastic runners on a alloy bar.....poor phone, poor company.

    after 6 years of having nothing but samsungs....i bought a n95 8gb....i'll never buy another nokia !!!!

    my battery is u/ only holds its charge for a few hours. going back next week. not had any probs with build quality tho

    mine also has marks
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