Nokia N95

    Just a quick question to owners - Does this phone connect to the internet via wi-fi?

    Like can you connect it via a wireless router or whatever?

    Does it cost to do this if yes?


    yes it has wifi, if you have a wireless router just put in the appropriate wpa or wep password when it asks you. Its 100% free.

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    Thanks Is there anything else I need to know except, its a 5mp camera, mp3 player and sat nav

    Yes it costs loads of cash!

    Am tempted to buy an CERT P168(iphone clone)

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    Heck mines free

    FREE Nokia N95
    400 xnet minutes
    1000 xnet texts
    £30 a month
    18mth contract

    Well £540!:thumbsup:

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    :P Heck im not paying for it all:P


    :P Heck im not paying for it all:P

    Thats ok then. Just wanted to make sure you knew you would be spending.

    Just can't seem to justify it in my mind. As you point out 5mp camera but the 2-3mp cameras on most phones are more than good enough, the mp3 player is no better than the cheaper nokia's and dont drive enough to make good use of the satnav and if I did its not as good as a tomtom. Also the screen is too small to watch movies on.
    So the only point I could see in getting one is to look cool. But its not now as loads of people have them.
    If you want to be cool get an Iphone or a clone(£100) or keep your phone and get a micro laptop like a Vye Mini V Ultra Mobile.
    Then you can sit in starbucks and look 100 times cooler.

    Well thats my view anyway.
    Let the abuse commence!


    Heck mines freeFREE Nokia N95400 xnet minutes1000 xnet texts£30 a … Heck mines freeFREE Nokia N95400 xnet minutes1000 xnet texts£30 a month18mth contracto2

    Thats what I have on 3 but with free MSN - 50mins on video chat( never use this though) - £5 download credit which is handy for getting that tune thats stuck in your head all day. That £5 d/l credit has been a life saver for me some days!
    On their 3G site you get free news and sprt highlights too. Can't remember what else.
    I'm due an upgrade soon and was thinking on getting the N95 but I'm becoming drawn more and more to the E65 and knocking 10 to 15 quid off my bill a month.

    Oh and I wish 3 would get 'push to talk' up and running in the UK!
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